We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the families of those directly affected by the loss of an infant or young child. Our mission is to provide fun, positive experiences to help families stay together and support each other during very difficult times. It may sound frivolous, but being able to laugh and enjoy life goes a long way to helping someone as they navigate their new path in life, one where they will need to learn to carry the weight of their grief as gracefully as possible.

What we do

We provide personalised Smiley Reilly Experience packs that are tailor made to each individual family. Every pack we put together for a family is unique, filled with love from people and organisations far and wide, and aims to encourage families to step out into the world of fun, laughter and light. A step that for a bereaved family can be a very difficult one to take.

We work with families  after the death of their baby, infant or young child (20 weeks gestation up to 5 years of age). We work with families who have experienced their loss recently as well as those who are “a little further down the track”. For families who need immediate counselling support/grief services having just experienced the loss of their little one, please see our contact page for suggestions. A note for families who have lost an older child:- at this stage we are just a small organisation built purely on time and love donated by a small number of people. Although we would dearly love to support all bereaved families and parents, at this point in time it is not possible for us to do so. Please see our contact page for support that may help you and your family as you work together to heal after the death of your child.

How can you show your support and/or help?

Join us at one of our events

Make a donation

Contact us to enquire about donating a voucher from your family-friendly business or organisation that will go directly to a family

Contact us to make a donation in the form of administrative costs/requirements. It is our goal that all donations from individuals will go directly towards our mission. We strive to cover all administrative needs through donations specific to those needs.